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It occurred to us while we were recording our debut album While the Blackthorn Burns that so much of what we do on stage is not only music, but also storytelling. The songs alone can only convey so much of the tales we want to tell and we quickly decided that we'd like to be able to share the rest with people who were interested in the places and history contained in our songs. So - we decided to publish a 'songbook' alongside it!


And we've never looked back! Two more albums on, and two more songbooks too!


In all three you'll find the stories that inspired the music, lyrics and also photographs of the diverse and beautiful places that have been so important in helping to shape us and our music.


Both print and digital versions of the songbooks are available via the shop or by clicking an individual image below.

Walking Books


In Ninebarrow’s Dorset Jon and Jay take readers on a magical journey through the landscape that has played such a huge part in the success of their music. The 80-page, full-colour book contains ten beautiful and distinctive walks for all abilities, each the inspiration for a Ninebarrow song and each accompanied with detailed instructions, stories, photography and hand-drawn maps.



The Waters and the Wild Songbook (2018)
'Releasing the Leaves' Songbook (2016)
'While the Blackthorn Burns' Songbook (2014)
'Ninebarrow's Dorset: Volume 1' Walking Book