"Your online concerts have been one of the pleasures of lockdown!"

Concert Partnership

Saturday 12th December 2020, 7pm GMT

The Ninebarrow Band @ Lighthouse, Poole

With another live Q&A from Jon and Jay after the show! 


Along with the rest of the world, Ninebarrow began a very strange journey in March this year. During the course of the last 9 months, we've had to create a completely new way to bring our music to you all. We started small - in the dining room! We grew...into the living room! Then we expanded into a soggy field in North Dorset. And last time, we brought you a concert from a beautiful candlelit church nestled up in the Purbeck hills.

For our SEVENTH online broadcast, we're going to be taking things to a whole new level as we bring you THE NINEBARROW BAND, filmed live at Lighthouse Poole. This is the show we would have toured in March, had the pandemic not scuppered our plans! 

Joined by our good friends Lee MacKenzie, John Parker and Evan Carson on cello, double bass and percussion, we are going to be serving up something absolutely incredible to end the year on:

  • Never-before-heard arrangements

  • Full theatrical lighting

  • Audio professionally captured by our producer Mark Tucker

  • Front of house and onstage sound from Richard Hewlett 

  • Better video quality than ever before

In short? This show is going to blow your socks off 😎 and we cannot wait to share it with you! 

If you don't enjoy the concert or can't get the tech to work, we'll refund your ticket. Simple as that, no questions asked.



Quick answers:




I've not seen Ninebarrow before...will the quality really be as good as they're suggesting?

In short...yes! It absolutely will. 😊 We've invested a significant amount of money in the equipment needed to broadcast our concerts at the highest possible quality and we've also invested thousands of hours (literally!) mastering how to use it all. We've been thrilled by how many positive comments we've had about the quality of our concerts - and not an inconsiderable number of people have told us that our streams are the highest quality they've seen broadcast online. Don't take our word for it though! Have a little peak at our December concert and judge for yourself! 

How does the e-Ticket system work?

An e-Ticket' will allow you and anyone in your household to watch the concert live on their phone, tablet, laptop or compatible Smart TV, or to catch-up at any point 7 days after the original broadcast so that if you're not able to join us on the night or heaven forbid, your internet goes down, you'll still be able to enjoy the full show.

Once you've purchased an e-Ticket, we'll email you an access code and a link to a webpage on which you'll be able to watch the concert when it goes live. We'll also send you detailed 'how-to' guides on things like 'How you can watch on your smart TV'. If you've joined us for one of our previous concerts - the experience will be very similar.

e-Ticket Pricing - why two tiers? 

As you can imagine, we've given a great deal of thought to how we can go about doing this because it's such a new way of operating for everyone.

In the 'offline world', tickets for our duo concerts start at £12.50. Because we know that a significant proportion of people who tune-in to our concerts online are doing so with at least one other person in their household, and it's for this reason that we decided that £25 was a reasonable e-ticket price to charge per household. 

But we're also very aware that there are people out there who may be watching on their own or that there may be households on lower incomes because of the pandemic. For this reason, we've created a 'Single/Concession e-Ticket' and it's available for anyone who falls into either of those categories, for whatever reason. 

e-Ticket Pricing for the band show

We've decided to increase the prices slightly for this show, and we really hope you all understand why we've had to do that. To put it bluntly...putting on a show of this type is eye-wateringly expensive. Hiring the theatre, paying the band and crew for two full days; putting everyone up in hotels for two nights; the audio editing, mixing and mastering costs that come during post-production. Tickets for our 'offline' band tour in March would have started at £16 and ranged up to £18.75 per person, so we feel starting the online prices at £14 is fair, given the show's pretty massive production costs.

If you've got any questions on the e-ticketing system in general - please just give us a shout and we'll be very happy to help.

Which platforms will the concert be broadcasting on?

We'll be broadcasting on our website platform and also on YouTube. Please note, our concerts won't be available to watch on Facebook anymore, as sadly, the platform doesn't offer the ability to broadcast private videos. However, for people who want to chat with other members of the Facebook 'Barrow Bods Group' during the show, we'll be starting a chat thread on the day for anyone who wants to interact in that way. 

What's the best way to watch?

Both options above will offer a really high quality feed. We'd advise using YouTube unless you've got a reason that you can't. The YouTube feed adapts to the speed of your broadband very quickly which means even with a slower connection, you should get a smooth broadcast. 

What happens if my internet is slow?

Oh, the joys of rural broadband! The good news here is that our streaming will adapt to the speed of your internet connection. The higher your speed - the higher the quality you'll receive. But we've set this up so that even relatively slow connections should be able to watch in good quality. The stream will always prioritise the audio too, so the quality of that should never suffer. We'd suggest if your connection is a bit slow that you tune in using our YouTube option. It'll offer the best stream for slower connections. Our website will be offering the very highest quality.

What happens if my internet goes down mid concert?

All of our concerts will be available after the live broadcast for a full week. If you have any issues during the show...your internet goes down...there's a power cut...no problems. You'll be able to access the entire concert on another day. 

What happens if Ninebarrow's internet goes-down mid concert?

We've invested in an ultra fast, fibre-optic connection to make sure that we've got the best possible chance of having no hiccups. But we've also invested in a backup internet connection that utilises the 4G mobile network. If our internet goes down, we'll switch to the backup and be up and running again in no time!

But what if Ninebarrow have a complete disaster...like a power cut?

Sometimes there are just scenarios where you have to accept: the game is up. In the same way that if we get ill - we're just not able to perform. In an instance like this, we'd reschedule the show for a subsequent date, and obviously, if for any reason you weren't able to make that or weren't happy with the re-arrangements - we'd offer you a full refund.

What if I I'm busy during the live show?

Not a problem! We really love it when people join us live - the atmosphere with the rest of our online community commenting and interacting with one another is just really lovely. But equally...you can enjoy the show at any time 7 days after broadcast. And what's more...you can still see all the comments that were made during the original broadcast if you want! Or you can just turn them off! 

If we're in one household, can we watch on more than one device at the same time?

Yes - no problem at all. Assuming your internet connection can cope! 

Can I watch the concert more than once?

You certainly can! You'll be able to watch as many times as you like during the week that the concert is available online. 

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