The 3rd Ninebarrow Live Stream Concert

Saturday 6th June 2020, 7pm (BST)

We really hope you arrive at our website safe, well and staying positive in the face of this truly awful global crisis. 

We've now put-on two streamed concerts since this all began. Each time we have been absolutely overwhelmed not only by your feedback and amazing messages of support, but also by the generous concert donations that people have made before, after or during the show. We're so grateful to you all! It really is helping us a great deal - at a time when we've had to postpone or cancel nearly 6 months worth of concerts. 

The resounding feedback after the last show was for us to do another - and who are we to argue?! During both streams so far, we've been struck by the wonderful sense of community the evening generated. People all over the world have been joining us here in our dining room - all coming together for an evening of music - all chatting, posting photos, jokes, emojis...! All of us 'together', even though we must also be apart during these strange times. We can't think of a much better way to spend an evening, to be honest! ​

So here we go again with a totally different set of songs! 😎​ Again, we're going to be treating this like a normal concert - with a first half, an interval, so you can stretch your legs, refill your glass or maybe even peruse our online shop for a bit, and then the second half

And if you enjoy the show - and you feel able to do so - we'd be incredibly grateful for any concert donations that you make. But look - we know this is a tough time for everyone financially, and we want you to know, if you don't have anything to spare, that's totally fine too. Have an evening on us - and forget about everything for an hour or so. 

Lots of love,     

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Tips, tricks, problem solving and FAQs (updated!)

​The vast majority of people managed to watch the whole concert with no problems at all - but we are aware that a few of you had some issues, which we think we've managed to  fix.

  • Echoing audio - a few people have suffered from a real echo in the audio. This is because two windows were opened and streaming the concert at the same time, but slightly delayed from one another. We've made some changes so that this shouldn't happen, but if for some reason you do get this - look for another tab or window with another version of the concert. Close it and you should fix the problem. 

  • A few people have suffered synchronicity issues where the sound and video aren't in time with one another. Unfortunately - this is a problem at your end. If it happens, the best way to try and 're-sync' is to stop the stream and re-start it. That'll usually fix the problem.

  • If for any reason the live stream stops for more than a few seconds, you might want to try and refresh your browser by hitting F5 on the top row of your keyboard.

  • Last time a few people using Facebook couldn't find the second half, because we stopped the stream during the interval. We'll still have an interval during the next concert, but we won't stop the stream this time so it's easier for Facebook users.

  • If you fancy buying anything from the shop or maybe making a donation....awesome! You're amazing! But we'd maybe suggest you treat this like a normal concert and do that before or after the show, or in the interval. It's not like you'll distract us(!)...but you might cause the stream to pause when you click on other things and we don't want you to miss anything! 🙂

  • Planning to join us via YouTube on your smart TV but don't know how to find the concert? Just search for 'Ninebarrow Live Stream' in the YouTube search bar and we should some up! 

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