"Your online concerts have been one of the pleasures of lockdown!"

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The 'Zunshine in the Winter' Livestream

Watching on a smart TV?

The days are short. It's miserable weather. We're all cooped up inside because of this blasted virus. It's just…miserable!

So we've picked the weekend of the year that studies say is the MOST depressing: the weekend before BLUE MONDAY. The third Monday in January AND - the most depressing day of the year.  

And to cheer everyone up, we're going to be performing LIVE from Ninebarrow HQ! And for the first time since the summer, we're going to be broadcasting publicly so there's no need to buy an e-ticket. 

If people enjoy the show and feel able to do so, we'll be giving the opportunity to make a concert donation, as we did for our early streams. But ultimately, what we want to do with this show is make it available to EVERYONE. And we're cordially inviting you to invite as many people as you can to join us on the night.

This incredible online community has helped us all get through the difficulties the last year has thrown at us, and we want to share the joy, and blast away the winter blues with a night of singing, stories and banter.

We really hope you'll be able to join us! 😊

There are lots of ways you can get our concert up on your Smart TV, but the easiest and most reliable is the YouTube app. We've recently made this a lot easier. Now, to access the concert, all you need to do is search for 'Ninebarrow' and the show will be top of the list! 


Saturday 16th January @ 7pm GMT

(And available on catch-up for 7 days too!)

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