Online Concert Gift Voucher

Online Concert Gift Voucher



Sharing music with your nearest and dearest is one of the most fantastic things! Over the years, we've met so many new fans because people who've already discovered our music have invited friends and family along to one of our concerts because they want to share something they love, with the people they love. 


At a time when you might not be able to invite your friends and family to a 'face to face' concert, we decided we wanted to make it easier for people to give the gift of music.


So we're really delighted to announce a range of e-Ticket vouchers! How do they work?  


When you order - you let us know two things:


  • Who the voucher is for and what message you'd like included.
  • Whether you'd like the voucher emailed directly to you so that you can pass it on in your own way, or if you'd like us to send it direct to your recipient. We'll even write your chosen message on one of our lovely Ninebarrow greetings cards! 


If you want us to send the voucher through the post - just let us know your recipient's address when you check-out! 


Either way, we'll personally make up your voucher and get it sent out by email or by post ASAP! 


  • Terms and Conditions

    These vouchers can only be redeemed at and are only valid for the ordering of our e-Tickets and not for general merchandise.


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