'While the Blackthorn Burns' Album (CD, 2014)

'While the Blackthorn Burns' Album (CD, 2014)

1. The Sea
2. Summer Fires
3. Knightwood
4. Seige
5. The Weeds
6. Birdsong
7. Shadows 
8. Mother 
9. Hawkhurst 
10. She Walks on Alone 
11. Winter King 
12. Bold Sir Rylas 





Rick Pearson, Evening Standard Music Critic says:

"A place of lyricism, longing and masterly songwriting. In their close harmonies and rural imagery, Ninebarrow occupy the middle ground between Simon & Garfunkel and Seth Lakeman: a place of lyricism, longing and masterly songwriting."


Tim Carroll, Folkwords.com says:

"Driven by their interpretation of stories, places and events, Whitley and Labouchardiere have delivered an album destined to become a landmark folk album of its time."

fRoots Magazine

"Dorset-based Jon Whitley and James LaBouchardiere deliver a characterful set of precisely-crafted, self-penned songs that are reflective yet life-affirming and passionately influenced by history and tradition. Their impressive vocal harmonies are gently but firmly supported."


Neil King, Fatea Magazine:

"While The Blackthorn Burns" is an exceptional album, it's full of character...totally wonderful.


Folk Radio UK says:

"Ninebarrow have carved a melodic map across the English landscape, offering up a collection of catchy songs honed and homed in landscapes from Dorset to the Lake District."


Chris Giles, Uckfield FM says:

"Recommendations don't come higher than this from me. Superb stuff...Thanks guys - you are part of the future of folk - and you will play your part well."

Living Tradition says:

"Their harmonies are wonderful and varied. They show a maturity of songwriting, the playing is always sympathetic and they seem to have a clear vision of the shape their music is to take."

Danny Farragher, Folk All says:

"It has everything a good folk collection should have, organic stories, dark tales, mysteries, sorrow, rebellion and misery but more than that is also has two wonderful singers and musicians who can anchor it just enough into the modern day to make both ends of the folkie scale take notice."