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Find out why you should book 

'One of the most impressive acts on the folk scene'


Every folk club, music venue and festival wants to book the highest quality acts they can. You need to be certain that the act you're booking is going to provide great entertainment and that the loyal audience who supports your venue is going to go away having had a brilliant experience. 

Having been brought up on the folk scene, we know there are a few things every organiser and promoter wants to be sure of before they book an act and if you'll indulge us for a couple of minutes - we'd love to try and convince you we fit the bill!


Are Ninebarrow actually any good?


We know that most promoters and organisers want to see an act live - up close and personal before considering a booking.  Here's a showreel from our album launch back in March 2021. Have a look and see what you think! 


Alright! You sound good, but we STILL want a solid recommendation!


We really understand this one. Club, venue or festival: reputations are built over years with hard work and a lot of thought. We've been fortunate enough to have been booked by over 500 folk clubs and music venues, as well as over 60 festivals. On the right, we've picked a few comments from critics, other performers and magazines we think might help convince you. 


What do audiences say?


See for yourself! These were just a few of the comments we received after a concert we put on a little while back.



And here's a full track from the concert above. A song of ours about the plight of the Dartford Warbler on the heathlands of Dorset:


So we hope we've managed to convince you to have a serious think about booking Ninebarrow for one of your future events; we'd love to hear what you think - and we'd be happy to chat over any questions you might have. 

All the best,

Jon and Jay




'An absolute joy'


The Morning Star




Maverick Magazine




EFDSS Magazine




The Telegraph




R2 Magazine




Northern Sky Magazine

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2018 Best Album

Nova FM Awards


2017 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards

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Fatea Magazine Awards 2016

Telegraph’s Top Folk Albums

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Best Debut Album 2014
Fatea Magazine

Telegraph’s Top Folk Albums

UK Songwriting Competition
Finalist 2014

Breakthrough Music Award
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Records of the Year 2013

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And on the subject of audiences - when you book Ninebarrow, you're always certain of being supported in promoting your event. With a mailing list of nearly 8000 loyal fans who are willing to travel considerable distances to see us, we'll help you make your event a roaring success.

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