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The Ninebarrow Woodland

We’ve long had concerns about the impact our touring has on the environment. In a normal year, we’d drive more than 10,000 miles across the country and that alone is a frightening thought in terms of the carbon footprint it creates. We worked out that every year, Ninebarrow was generating over 2.5 tonnes of CO2 just through the mileage we were clocking up. On top of that, we estimated that a further half tonne of CO2 was being generated per gig through audiences travelling to and from the venues.


It was a shock to discover that across our musical careers, which started in 2012 and might, if we are lucky, span some 25-30 years, we would generate nearly 1000 tonnes of CO2.


So, we decided to celebrate the launch of our fourth studio album, ‘A Pocket Full of Acorns’, by fulfilling a long-held wish to address this issue - and with the support of our incredible online community, we planted The Ninebarrow Woodland.

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