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The Ninebarrow Woodland

Thanks to our incredible supporters, we've been able to invest in two webcams in our woodland. Our bird feeding station is situated half way up the site on its western edge. With a hedgerow just to the right of the camera, there's good cover nearby for the birds to dive in and out of, and it also provides some good shelter from the prevailing wind. Our nest box is at the far end of the site, nearer to Rose Cottage.

We're currently having technical difficulties with the woodland webcam. We're hoping to have it fixed in the next few weeks! 
Meet our sponsors!
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Our birds get through an incredible 1KG of food every two days and we're absolutely indebted to our amazing sponsors, BRINVALE BIRD FOODS. These amazing people have offered to provide the Ninebarrow Woodland with a free supply of bird food and we really are indebted to them for this fabulous generosity.

We know that MANY of you have your own bird feeders at home and that, like us, you’re probably always on the look out for a reliable supplier of great quality feed. We would love to invite you to give BRINVALE BIRD FOODS a go. We guarantee you won't be disappointed, but what's more, if you use the promotional code below, you'll also get 5% off your first order!*

  N  B  C  5  *

* To use the code - just make sure you create an account at the Brinvale website and are logged in!

​To find out more about why we love Brinvale Bird Foods - just watch the video! Each time you place an order with Brinvale, not only will you get great bird food…but you’ll also get a warm fuzzy feeling from the knowledge that YOUR order will also be helping to support us here in the Ninebarrow Woodland.

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If you're wondering why you hear a Ninebarrow soundtrack rather than the audio from the cameras themselves - this is to maintain the privacy of everyone living and visiting at the site. The Ninebarrow Woodland is also Kev and Vicki's home and we've got to be mindful of their privacy. So...unmute the videos to listen to a hand-picked selection of tracks we thought accompanied the footage rather well!

Oh - and if you want to watch either feed in full HD on the big screen, just search for 'Ninebarrow' in your Smart TV's Youtube app! 👍

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