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Sunday 29th November 2020, 7pm GMT (for an hour or so)

Ninebarrow Wandering Minstrels - Episode 1

This November, we’re going to be bringing you something a little bit different.


As our online concerts have become more ambitious and more time-consuming to put together, we’re now finding ourselves with 8-10 weeks between our online gatherings with you all and, to be honest, we’ve wanted to do something about that for a little while.

So, this month, we’re giving us all a reason to gather together during this second lock-down – grab a bottle of the good stuff, and come together for an evening of music and chat as we launch our new broadcast: ‘Ninebarrow: Wandering Minstrels’!


But what will this Ninebarrow Wandering Minstrels show entail, we hear you cry!?

  • Well – first of all,  we’ll be hosting the show at Ninebarrow HQ

  • But we’ll also be taking you out into the great blue yonder to immerse you in the sights and sounds of the great outdoors.

  • We’ll explore the history and stories of the local area

  • We’ll sing you some of our songs while we’re out there

  • We’ll have interviews with fascinating people back at the studio

  • We’ll have updates from the Ninebarrow garden

  • We’ll have footage from historic Ninebarrow livestreams

  • And we'll be sharing some of OUR favourite artists with YOU in our 'Wandering Minstrels Mix Tape' so that you can take away another hour of so of entertainment to help keep your spirits up through the remainder of lockdown.


And most importantly…? We’ll all be doing it together – here in this fabulous online community we’ve all created together over this past year.


We’ve never done anything quite like this before! But we think you’re really going to love what we’ve got in store for you. 😊


There are lots of ways you can get our broadcasts up on your Smart TV, but the easiest and most reliable is the YouTube app. To access the broadcast, all you need to do is search for the following word using the app's search function and the broadcast will appear top of the list. 


The Episode 1 Mix-Tape