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Ninebarrow Wandering Minstrels - Episode 4

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At the end of last year…we came up with something slightly different for your delectation, and we called it: 'Ninebarrow Wandering: Minstrels'. We were absolutely thrilled that many, many hundreds of you decided to join us for our first 3 episodes.


And so, by popular demand...we're delighted to be able to announce Episode 4! On Sunday 19th September @ 7pm BST, we're going to be going on a brand new, adventure in search of the elusive Dartford Warbler. 

We'll bring you three live performances from out in the landscape and we'll also be catching up with the superb Christina Alden and Alex Patterson to chat about their new album 'Hunter' and they'll be giving us an exclusive live track too! 


These shows are a reason for us all to gather together – grab a bottle of the good stuff, and enjoy an evening of music and chat and good company!

And if you want to catch up on previous episodes - just scroll down the page! 

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Episode 4 Mixtape


Catch up! 

Please note - the countdowns were included in the original broadcast, but you can obviously skip through them now!! 

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