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Newtone Strings

When I first picked my second-hand Paul Hathway tenor mandola, I headed over to Paul's website for advice on string gauges and saw that all of his new instruments were fitted with Newtone Strings. Having never tried them before, I ordered a few packs to see what they were like.

I was immediately struck by the tone of them - there was just something about them that the mass-produced strings I'd been using lacked. They've got warmth and a beautiful resonance and sustain that really allows the instrument to sing. They've also got great longevity too - I'll get quite a few gigs out of them before they lose their edge.


Neil and the team have also been really helpful satisfying my curiosity, making up slightly odd gauges for me to try out too. :) 

Head on over to the website and give them a go! Tell them Ninebarrow sent you too! :) Chances won't look back!

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