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House concerts

House concerts have been popular in the US for quite a while - basically, it's as the name suggests: a concert, in your house! It's a format that really appeals to us - our favourite shows are the ones where we've got an audience in an intimate venue which allows them to really engage with our material and get absorbed in the stories and the images that we try to portray through our music. There aren't many places more intimate than your own home - so this is a type of show we think can give an audience a really special experience.


It's likely anyone thinking about booking us for a house concert is going to have quite a few questions, so we've tried to answer the most frequent ones below:


What kind of space would I need?

It's all a bit like a party - but with a few other things you should consider. We'd need a space to perform, in room large enough to accommodate us and our instruments, but also an audience. The audience would need chairs/places to sit and there'd need to be enough room for them to move in and out of the room safely without disturbing the concert or knocking instruments over!


How big should the audience be?

Ultimately - that depends on how big a space you've got to put on the concert!


Who can come?

Anyone YOU like! House concerts should be strictly invitation only, though! It's about you and your friends and family getting your own personal concert. We wouldn't advertise the event.

How does it work financially?

If you're interested in booking us - give us a shout to discuss specific booking fees. Basically - if you book us, we're likely to offer a 'flat rate' booking fee.


Do I need a speaker system?

You won't need to worry about a thing! We'll bring everything needed for a fabulous night of music. We'll chat this over with you in a lot more detail though.


What about food and drink?

Entirely up to you! You can provide food and drink or ask people to bring their own.

Do you need feeding?

Well...we are growing lads! To be honest - we'd welcome sharing anything you put on for your guests, but we certainly don't expect a private, three-course meal!

What format would a house concert have?

It's your house, and YOUR show - so we're happy to come up with a format that works for you. We'd suggest a concert with two halves of 40 minutes each with a break in the middle for people to get drinks, socialise and have a bite to eat. That said - we're very happy to be flexible and fit in with the kind of evening you're hoping to create.


Are you happy to be background music for my house party or function?

Thanks for asking...but no thanks. For us - it's very much as the name suggests - it's a 'concert'. It's an opportunity for people to really listen and experience live folk music in a unique setting.


Anything else you guys would need?

Just some power! If you're able to run an extension cable to the performance space, that'd be great!


What have previous house concert guests & bookers said?




I just wanted to thank you properly for the excellent evening you gave us on Friday. Considering none of the guests were familiar with folk music you did and exceptional job as all of the guests said they had a great evening.  I think they really enjoyed listening to something completely different and hearing the stories behind the songs. You are both clearly excellent musicians and singers & with the addition of you humour and warmth you gave us all a wonderful time.

What can I say but thank you so much for our house concert for my wife’s birthday Sunday eve. It’s a fantastic idea and went down a storm. You have to be two of the nicest guys we have had the pleasure of meeting and it’s great to see you going from strength to strength in the folk world. Keep it up guys!

Rumour has it you have had to put a restraining order on me! I have to say I don't blame you. Before it is reinforced, THANK YOU again for the most fantastic evening on Saturday. Your fan base has grown even further.

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'An absolute joy'


The Morning Star




Maverick Magazine




EFDSS Magazine




The Telegraph




R2 Magazine



Suzi Klein, BBC Radio 3

'Damn fine!'


Mike Harding

'Absolutely amazing!'



Kate Rusby

'Making a big impression!'


Iain Anderson, BBC Radio Scotland

'A fantastic duo!'


Seth Lakeman

'I am sure they will become a major force in English folk music'​


Shire Folk Magazine

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Interested in booking us for a house concert?

If you think you'd like to put on your own house concert, or if you've got any questions about how the format might work - please do drop us a line using the form below, or on We look forward to hearing from you!






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